"Rapture" by Alan Bell

“Rapture” by Alan Bell

Pencil drawing by Alan Bell.  When we are older we have the advantage of remembering our best and worst times but through mature eyes. We appreciate our youth in a new way, evaluate and comprehend the significance of of these memories with a new sense of interest and also gratitude. these memories are so personal and for each, True the sadness of ‘never again’ is poignant but they are also an affirmation of a life lived and realized, as far as we knew to go. We see ourselves in a fresh understanding which leaves us comforted that there was more to us than we knew at the time, sometimes better  and sometimes worse than we thought. The ripples of comprehension that thrill or  dismay us expose us to the rapture of Being, of living, of knowing and seeing. She is full of secret moments, flooded with personal memories under her hat. Is that a child under the cloth that wraps her?  Does she see herself in love  as a young woman? She is veiled because only she knows. Can anyone truly express in words what they learned in a lifetime?

“Rapture” by Alan Bell

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