27 – “Sentient Gaze”

27 "Sentient Gaze" by Alan Bell

27 “Sentient Gaze” by Alan Bell

“Homeless” by Alan Bell is a 77 page illustrated book that examines Homelessness from all perspectives.  Since 2004, Alan has been an artist in residence at the RHD Ridge Avenue Homeless Shelter in Philadelphia.  “Homeless” is dedicated to “missing fathers, forgotten sons and lost brothers.”

“Homeless is a collection of drawings dedicated to the people we see on these pages.  The quest of this work is to provide those who find themselves in the drawings with a springboard to break their silence and end their isolation.  The words and images were written and drawn by the hand of Alan Bell in Philadelphia while employed as Artist in Residence at the RHD Ridge Avenue Homeless Shelter.  My many thanks to all who allowed me to come in.”

with love,
from Alan

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